No Boundaries

The world offers limitless opportunity, if you are connected for 21st Century telecommunications. Business moves at the speed of light, and connecting businesses with opportunity is what O.B. One Communications Inc. is all about. We’ve installed more than 7,000 miles of cable - more than eight times the interstate highways running through South Carolina. With just one point of contact - O.B. One Communications - you’ll get turnkey solutions that deliver the data and voice communication services you need for 21st century success.

From a modest start, O.B. One Communications has grown into a company with approximately 20 employees and multimillion revenues. We grew because of one simple reason: clients who turn to us for their telecommunication needs enter a world with no boundaries.

New Service Offerings!

O.B. One Now Offers Wireless Service and
Cell Phone Signal Enhancement

Wireless Coverage Lacking in Your Office?
Our wireless surveys accurately identify problem areas where coverage is weak or non-existent. Typical solutions are relocating existing access points and/or adding one or two. Call to find out more about how we can improve your wireless performance.

About Wireless -
Mobile connectivity is becoming more vital in the way we do business. The ability to connect to your network or email when a wired network is unavailable is key when under the pressure of a deadline. O.B. One can provide you with anytime, anywhere access. Investments in extending or replacing your wired network are quickly returned with support for more users, high performance, security, flexible connectivity, and the ability to meet high demands. We will design your WLAN from the ground up and show you how easy it is to expand your network as your business grows. Unique RF Spectrum and Voice-over-WLAN Surveys will determine the correct number, placement, and configuration of AP’s required to deliver full coverage for ALL end users.

About Cell Signal Boosting -
A weak cell phone signal isn’t just frustrating; you can miss important information when you only hear half of the conversation. In the event of an emergency, weak signals couldn’t transmit a mass notification and the result could be disastrous. With more companies taking advantage of cell phone communication and smart phones apps such as monitoring your surveillance camera, a strong cell signal is paramount. If your working environment has poor cell phone connectivity, O.B. One can help. Cell signal boosting improves ability to make and receive calls by bringing the signal strength from outside your building to the inside. Cell Phone Signal Enhancement is essential to environments where cellular communications CANNOT be compromised.

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We listen, understand, and evaluate client needs and goals - then provide service with honesty, integrity, and the highest-possible quality.

Wayne Haltiwanger
O.B. One Communications