Consolidation Point, Multi-User Telecommunications Outlet Assembly, and Zone Cabling defined.

A consolidation point (CP) is a location for interconnection between horizontal cables extending from building pathways and horizontal cables extending into furniture pathways.  (TDM Manual 9th ed.)

A Multi-User Telecommunications Outlet Assembly (MUTOA) is a group of telecommunications outlets that are arranged together in a single assembly housing.  They me be located in the confines of a group of modular, low wall, partitioned furniture and serve only that group.  A line cord is extended from the MUTOA to the work area contained by the modular partitions and is plugged directly into a device at that location. (TDM Manual 9th ed.)

Zone Cabling also known as Open office cabling is the cabling that distributes from the telecommunications room to the open office area utilizing a consolidation point of multi-user telecommunications outlet. (TDM Manual 9th ed.)