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We Are Here To Serve You

All O.B. One Communication’s services meet or exceed industry standards for telecommunication systems. Installation Services include video surveillance systems, wireless systems, telephone systems, fiber optics; paging and sound systems, access control systems, fire and burglar systems, sound masking systems, audio enhancement systems, and video projection units.

Design Services for the preceding are free. We’ll help you determine objectives, goals, and budgets to meet your current and future design needs. Outside Plant Services involve the design and installation of overhead and underground telephone, computer, and fiber optic cabling between buildings or multiple buildings to connect the above systems.

Our mission is to LISTEN, understand, and evaluate our customer’s needs and concerns; to participate in the success of our customers by helping them meet or exceed the set expectations for their communications systems; and to offer these functions with honesty, integrity, and the highest level of service possible.

O.B. One Communications provides turnkey telecommunication services, backed by stability, solid finances, and a quarter-century history of service. Our professional certifications include BICSI, Panduit, Ortronics, Mohawk, 3M, NORDX/CDT and others. We exceed industry standards and client expectations. Our design team, in-house safety officer, 100 percent testing of every installation, and fully equipped fleet distinguish us from other vendors. Exceeding expectations earns our customers’ confidence.

Wayne Haltiwanger, who originally served as owner, salesman, and sole technician, founded O. B. One Communications in 1984. Since then, O.B. One has experienced significant growth. Today, it provides industry-leading services and highly technical solutions for diverse businesses, commercial, and industrial clientele.

From a modest beginning, O.B. One Communications has grown into a company with approximately 20 employees and multimillion revenues. We grew because of one simple reason: Customers who turn to us for their telecommunication service enter a world with no boundaries (no boundaries seems to be overused, we would really like to focus on the ability to consolidate multiple vendors because of our multiple service offerings. Frequently we get “pigeon-holed” when customers don’t realize we can do more than whatever service they currently use us for).

The world offers limitless opportunity, if you are connected for 21st Century telecommunications. Business moves at the speed of light, and connecting businesses with opportunity is what O.B. One Communications Inc. is all about. We’ve installed more than 7,000 miles of cable – more than eight times the interstate highways running through South Carolina. With just one point of contact – O.B. One Communications – you’ll get turnkey solutions that deliver the data and voice communication services you need for 21st century success.

From a modest start, O.B. One Communications has grown into a company with approximately 20 employees and multimillion revenues. We grew because of one simple reason: clients who turn to us for their telecommunication needs enter a world with no boundaries.

Professional and Financial Information

O.B. One Communications prides itself in professional, responsible operations. The information provided here is for the benefit of clients and potential clients. It assures them of our proper and responsible operation.
Federal ID Number: 57-0921441
Licenses: SC Bidders Number: 17-351-5008
Dunn & Bradstreet Number: 17-351-5008
Corporate Classification: Founded December 1984. Incorporated in the State of South Carolina, 1990.
SIC Code: 1731

O.B. One Communications charges sales tax (SC state tax and applicable county tax) on all projects performed in South Carolina unless proof of tax exemption status is provided.  O.B. One Communications holds periodic, random drug testing of all its employees. The test results are on file at our corporate headquarters.

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Team Approach

From technology advisors to sales reps, engineers, QA inspectors, accountants, and mechanical drawing specialists, all team members work together to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. Our experience and attention to detail make a critical difference when planning and implementing telecommunications systems. Up-to-date (as well as constant) training keeps our team ahead of the change curve. Superior designs, a century-plus of experience, and seeing the big picture mean no boundaries when it comes to your telecommunications needs. Qualified people and results: that’s what our team approach is about.

Technical Team

Technical expertise is the heartbeat of O.B. One Communications. With more than 100 (obviously more now and I can get the updated number if you think it will be relevant) years’ cumulative experience, our team is the best in the business. Training, testing, and preparation give it the confidence to execute your project to perfection. Every time. You’ll quickly notice the quality workmanship. And the team’s signature is strict adherence to industry, federal, state, and local standards.

Sales & Design Team

Design Team members represent diverse disciplines, and each team member receives training essential for maximum effectiveness. We counsel customers as to which system is best, and we stress a key design factor: meeting or exceeding industry standards in a fast-moving, ever-changing industry. When our Sales/Design Team oversees your needs, you work with fewer contacts. Our sales people will oversee your site survey, layout, materials billing, and project pricing. The payoff? An easier day thanks to a company that won’t let you down: O.B. One Communications.


With all the choices out there, why should we chose O. B. One? What makes you different from all the others?

We provide and install full, low-voltage service offerings, computers, surveillance systems, telephone systems, fiber optics, paging, security, access control, and sound masking systems. Economies of scale come into play when installing multiple systems.

I would like to talk with your representatives and get some ideas on what we should be considering during our upcoming project. Is there a cost associated with this service?

None. We are happy to meet and discuss your goals and objectives. We then draw on our years of experience and expertise to offer you sound ideas and suggestions.

Whenever possible we like to work with just one vendor. Do you sub work out or do it all?

We began in 1984 with the precise goal of providing a single point-of-contact for your telecommunication needs. That’s our strength and our specialty. Consider us your “One-Stop Shop ” for all of your low-voltage needs (video surveillance systems, wireless systems, telephone systems, fiber optics; paging and sound systems, access control systems, fire and burglar systems, sound masking systems, audio enhancement systems, and video projection units).

Our computers and telephones are the lifeline of our business. We absolutely cannot afford to be “down”, even for a little while. Can you guarantee a solid, stable system?

Yes! Our designs and implementations are rock-solid. Quality design and workmanship form the bedrock on which we are founded. We don’t just adhere to industry, state, and local standards and codes; we exceed them.

How do we know our network will perform as we want it to?

Unlike many vendors, we will give you hard copies of test results. You’ll receive proof of a complete, fully functional installation.

We like to know that all a vendor’s technicians are fully qualified. Are yours?

Our personnel hold key industry certifications and if they need or request additional training, we see that they get it. Ongoing training is a hallmark of our company.

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