The Many Benefits of Fiber Optic Cable Installation

Is your internet connection for your business getting the job done? Can you access and respond to emails in a timely manner without long load times?

fiber optic cable installation companiesIf you’re shaking your head “no”, that’s a major problem you need to upgrade to Fiber Optic Cable Installation. You may not think it’s much but when it comes down to it, that’s time and money wasted every second that email takes to load.

Whether your office is small or large, having a connection that’s fast is vital for a good workflow. A good connection should have a download speed of 10 or 12 Mbps.

If the speed isn’t cutting it for you or you’re fed up with a high monthly bill, fiber optic installation is the answer. Why?

We’ll take you through all the reasons why fiber optics give you a better connection.

Let’s get into it!

Faster Speed

The reason for a slow internet connection? Most systems are made of copper cables.

Copper isn’t able to carry a high-speed signal, especially over a long distance. Fiber optics, on the other hand, have a better and larger capacity.

Even if the copper cable is similar in terms of thickness, a fiber optic cable can carry more bandwidth. This eliminates the need for repeaters and signal boosters.

With traditional copper cables, a reduction in speed is often noticeable, especially when there’s a lot of computers connected to one system. With a fiber optic installation, reduced speeds don’t happen. It’s able to withstand changes in internet usage.

When the internet connection is slow, it reduces productivity in the office. Think of all the time wasted by employees who have to sit and wait for something to load for minutes, even hours.

The average employee wastes one week per year thanks to a bad network. When you multiply by that by the number of employees you have, it adds up quick.

Fiber Optic Cable Installation is Reliable

Because copper is a metal, it’s more susceptible to weather-related incidents. It can be struck by lightning or carry a power surge to the other surrounding cables.

That not only causes damage to the cables but it can affect the system it’s connected to as well. Copper cables become a huge liability because of its weak strength compared to fiber optics.

Since fiber optic cables are essentially glass, most of them exclude metal when they are designed. This makes them stronger and non-conductive. They won’t carry a current of electricity through itself or to surrounding cables.

With fiber optics being able to withstand harsh weather, it’s also less vulnerable to electromagnetic interference. No longer will you have to worry about certain computers or telephones shutting down because of EMI.

Or, you may even experience human interference with copper cables. This happens when someone is physically blocking the signal from reaching where it needs to go. It could be as simple as someone standing somewhere in the building and unknowingly cut off the signal.

Luckily, you won’t have to deal with any kind of interference with fiber optic cables.

Strong Signal Strength

There’s nothing more annoying when there’s a “dead spot” in your building. That’s where employees can’t access emails or assist customers through the internet.

Dead spots happen when the computer or other device is located far away from the telecommunication room. With copper cables, they aren’t able to carry that signal strength.

That leaves you with cubicles that don’t gain internet access or break rooms that can’t give employees ten minutes to their own devices. When it comes down to it, they just become a waste of space.

Unlike copper cables, fiber optic cables can carry that signal strength over long distances. If you operate inside a large building, the signal will be strong everywhere.

This eliminates the need for a costly internet plan that allows access to reach everywhere. It saves you time and money while boosting employee productivity.

Easy Installation

When it comes to fiber optic installation, it’s far easier than traditional metal cables. Cables made of metal are thicker, making them harder to work with.

Because of their thickness, it makes it difficult to run them through walls. The holes need to be sized to fit the correct gauge of wire. That causes more work, more construction, and the possibility of damage.

Fiber optics are made of glass and are slightly thicker than a single strand of human hair. Their size is significantly smaller compared to copper cables, making them more flexible.

They require less work to be done and are easier to run through walls. Even if you don’t completely replace your electrical cables, fiber optic ones can be installed alongside the others without creating extra noise.

High Bandwidth

No matter the size of your office building, bandwidth usage depends on the activities. If you use your computers to stream HD video for presentations or download huge files constantly, that affects your bandwidth.

Tasks like that reduce the speed drastically. Think of how much slower the connection will be when everyone is downloading huge files daily.

With a fiber optic installation, the speed doesn’t decrease due to internet-heavy tasks. It can handle all the video streaming, video conferencing, and applications needed to get work done.

It’ll run smoothly when multiple devices are being used at one time. You won’t have to worry about poor, pixelated video or annoying delays.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to your business, the internet needs to run as smooth as possible. Daily operations need to be completed on time without any distractions like slow speeds.

The connection needs to be established so you and your employees can get work done in a timely manner. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you won’t have to worry about reduced speeds that affect quality.

You’ll have increased productivity in your employees and they’ll be happier having a reliable connection they can trust. You can expect customer service ratings to go up as well.

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